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  • Konix's Corporate Culture, How Much Do You Learn About?

    - Apr 27, 2018-

    After  more than ten years of hard work, Konix finally became the leader  of the hand-rolled piano industry and formed his own unique corporate  culture. This unique corporate culture has also become a magic weapon  for Kehuixing to defeat the enemy when it develops itself. Discover other people's strengths and absorb them, find their own  shortcomings and correct them, and let Konix improve itself step by  step.

    Enterprise's goal

    Any company that wants to progress must not lose its goal. "Excellent  quality and first-class service" is the goal of Konix's eternal  pursuit of the company. To achieve this goal, the company has invested a  great deal of financial resources and energy. In addition to the  establishment of a strong R & D team and marketing team, the company  is still in the production process. China has formulated very strict industry and internal standards. In  the process of job supervision, the company also controls according to  all standard procedures to ensure that the circulation of each  hand-rolled piano is well documented.

    Corporate cohesion

    Konix  Company has been brave in pioneering, good at innovating, and actively  learning advanced concepts and technologies at home and abroad in the  course of more than ten years of business. It has also explored a  pathway that is suitable for its own practical development and has  created unique imagination. Corporate vision. Focusing on corporate culture construction in internal management,  we are committed to building a learning organization, providing  employees with a positive and uplifting learning atmosphere, and  maintaining a vitality for the company. Team cohesion and combat effectiveness have become the magic weapon for Kehuixing Company's  campaign market.

    Our commitment

    The  past, present, and future of Konix Technology Co., Ltd. belong to  the customers, users, and employees who have paid for it. Konix  Company promises that in addition to making hand-rolled piano better,  Konix will introduce more practicality. Products come back to society.