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  • How Do I Play The Specialty Of Hand-rolled Piano And I Want To Know

    - Apr 16, 2018-

     After purchasing a hand-rolled piano, the majority of customers have caused the piano to be damaged in a very short period of time due to their unclear considerations. This has caused suspicions about the quality of the manufacturer's products. Here, Kehuixing describes in detail the precautions of the hand-rolled piano.


    1. Avoid placing the hand-rolled piano under humid, hot, or hot conditions during use or storage. If the humidity and temperature are too high or too low, the function of the product may be abnormal.


    2. Use should be avoided in a region of high enough power to disturb the hand-rolled piano.


    3. Do not use a transformer other than the AC transformer while using it. Other transformers may cause the piano to malfunction.


    4. Please place the piano in a flat place when using it. If the surface is uneven, it will affect the piano work. Do not pull or twist the keyboard. Do not use too much force when curling up the piano after use to avoid sharp angled objects so as not to damage the piano.


    5. Keep it in a safe place and avoid falling when it is high.


    These hope that customers can pay attention after the purchase, keep the hand-rolled piano, as long as you pay attention to it, hand roll piano life is very long, do not have too much to maintain. If you have other information you would like to know, please consult the official website www.konixmus.com