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  • Details About Konix Children's Hand Roller Piano - PN37/49S

    - May 31, 2018-

     Due  to the opening of the country's second-child policy, the country’s  young people aged 5-16 will increase by hundreds of millions in recent  years. As a high-tech educational product in the new era, hand-rolled  pianos are quickly occupied at a low price, with excellent quality and  caring after-sales service. In  some markets, Konix is one of the representatives. Konix's  PN37/49S hand-rolled piano focuses on the children's hand-rolled piano  market. It has won the first place in the children's hand-rolled piano  market, followed by Konix in detail.

    With  the chord function and sustain function, you can easily record and  play, and you can also use the meticulous steps to teach the zero-based  classmates.

    Advantage introduction

    PN37/49S children's hand-rolled piano black keys are higher than Bai Jian's and have a special feel. Three  minutes do not use to enter the power-saving sleep mode, which in its  own case of low power consumption is to save a lot of power consumption.  Have a variety of external interfaces, external audio and headphones, you can also access the computer and tablet, as you like.

    Parameter introduction
    It can be powered by four AA batteries and can be connected to a DC5V power supply or mobile power supply.

    Price introduction
    Market price is 288 RMB

    So far, have you learned a lot about the PN37/49S hand-rolled piano? If you have other needs, please consult the official website of www.konixmus.com